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Washington DUI Laws

Washington State’s DUI Laws

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Information about Washington State’s DUI laws.

If you’ve been arrested for a drunk driving offense in Olympia, it’s important to understand Washington DUI law, how it defines your crime, and the punishments associated with it. This is because you will want to minimize the damages by constructing a defense allowable by Washington law.
This is especially true if you are hopeful that a plea bargain can be made with the Washington prosecutor, or if you plan on fighting the charges because you feel like you were arrested without warrant. Receive more information about Washington State’s DUI laws by giving an experienced attorney from our law office a call today.

Olympia criminal defense attorneys serving Thurston County, WA can help.

Our Olympia criminal defense attorneys have decades of combined experience dealing with Washington State DUI law and, depending on the police reports, believe that every case can be attacked to some degree. Just how likely getting a DUI case dismissed or reduced will depend on multiple factors; factors such as if the charge is a first time offense or not, whether field sobriety tests had been submitted to, among many others.

Drunk driving penalties associated with a Washington State DUI.

There are mandatory drunk driving penalties that an Olympia DUI conviction imposes, and these are defined in Washington DUI law. These WA DUI penalties include up to 364 days in jail, $5,000 fine, and 90 day Washington driver’s license suspension. Other drunk driving crimes for which an Olympia resident can be charged include:

Olympia Minor DUI – This law is broken when a person less than 21 years old is caught driving with a blood alcohol content of .02 or higher. The law mandates that a person obtains a criminal record if they are convicted – something that should be avoided at all costs. Drunk driving penalties faced by someone just starting out in the real world could have devastating effects on his or her future.

Olympia Physical Control Violation – You do not have to be driving to be charged with this serious crime – you could be found in the passenger seat, the backseat, or even outside of the vehicle entirely. Washington DUI law still states that you are just as liable as someone who was driving the vehicle if you were in “physical control.”

Olympia Reckless Driving – At first glance this might not seem as bad as a regular Olympia DUI but make no mistake, the ramifications of a conviction can be damaging in many ways.

Building a defense based on Washington law.

The Olympia criminal defense attorneys serving Thurston County, WA from our firm believe that the best strategy is to aggressively defend yourself against your WA drunk driving charges, using every tool that the law allows. There is never much time to do all of the legwork and investigation needed to prepare a quality defense, so it’s good to get an early start on this process.

Washington DUI law has guidelines that must be followed when preparing a defense, so simply arguing your version of the events is not enough. A sound legal defense based on Washington DUI law will seek to find issues with the prosecutor’s case that show it was somehow in error. For example, our Olympia criminal defense lawyers will go over all of the police reports pertinent to your case to look for issues that could show that procedure was not followed according to Washington State DUI law.

Olympia criminal defense lawyers from our team will help you understand WA State DUI laws.

Your own personal insight is also helpful, so it’s a good idea to go over all of the details with someone who understands DUI law in Washington. Our Olympia criminal defense attorneys offer a free case evaluation where you can tell your side of the story, ask questions, and get more information about Washington State’s DUI laws. Our free consultation offer has no strings attached, you will not be pressured, and there is no monetary commitment.

If you choose to hire one of our Olympia DUI lawyers they will put their knowledge of Washington law to work for you in an effort to minimize the drunk driving penalties you’re facing. Make sure that you are protected under Washington law, and contact us today for your free case evaluation.

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Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.
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