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Have you been recently charged with a DUI in Thurston County and feel uncertain of what to do next? It is completely understandable how the stress and anxiety of facing a drunk driving conviction can make you feel paralyzed. However, now is not the time for in action if you wish to try and avoid the penalties that are associated with a drunk driving crime. The Thurston County DUI attorneys on from our team firmly believe that everybody should be able to afford an effective and aggressive drunk driving defense. That’s why we gladly provide flexible and affordable payment plans. To take it a step further, we also provide a free initial consultation so that you can get some help and answers fast.

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If an aggressive defense is what you’re after, you will receive no less from the dedicated Thurston County DUI lawyers from our team. If you retain our legal counsel, we will move fast on gathering all the possible evidence that could help get your DUI charge reduced or possibly even dismissed. This process involves analyzing all information provided in the police reports and scrutinizing every last detail. What was the officer’s reason for pulling you over? Did you perform any humiliating “roadside gymnastics” or submit to a breath/blood alcohol test? Were the officers instruments recently calibrated and up-to-date to even make a correct assessment? These are just some of the questions that our Thurston County DUI attorneys will seek out to start building your case.

Our Thurston County DUI lawyers are knowledgeable when it comes to Washington State’s drunk driving laws.

Having a solid DUI defense built on Washington State law makes a makes a big difference if you want to your case to be considered by the court. Simply walking in a explaining your side of the story with little or no facts to back your claims can have disastrous results that may impact you for the rest of your life. Avoiding a criminal record and time spent in jail, along with staying validly licensed to drive, are often top concerns we hear from our clients. If these are factors important to you as well, we cannot stress enough how important it is to retain legal counsel that is proficient in the drunk driving laws governed by the state of Washington. Our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers serving Olympia, WA have decades of collective experience in successfully challenging drunk driving cases. We will provide the same dedicated, aggressive approach with your DUI matter.

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Our firm handles all Thurston County drunk driving related cases. If you’d like to work on getting your DUI matter resolved as quickly as possible, please don’t delay in reaching out to one of our experienced and affordable Thurston County DUI lawyers today. Your initial call to us is a positive step you can take in proactively dealing with your drunk driving charge head on, and is completely free, without any obligation. Get help and answers today!

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Thurston County district court.

Our dedicated Olympia DUI lawyers are here to help answer your questions. In the event that you would like to look up details about your case yourself, the below information should prove useful if you had been arrested and charged for drunk driving in Thurston County. You can check online, or directly with the following address and phone number.

Thurston County Courthouse
2000 Lakeridge Dr SW #3
Olympia, WA 98502

Phone: (360) 786-5450


Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.

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